Lorna and Buster the craftkits dog

Lorna and Buster the craftkits dog

About Us


craftkits.co.uk was born from a love of making things and sharing that creative process.

craftkits.co.uk is based on the West Coast of Scotland. I'm Lorna, the founder of craftkits.co.uk I had every intention of developing craft workshops in 2020, however decided not to take that route, due to the Covid 19 pandemic and all the issues that would arise trying to bring together groups of people from all over the UK. 

So the next best thing was to help people experience a craft course at home. Making something in the relaxed atmosphere of your own home can be a great way to bring some mindfulness into your life.

I wanted to bring creativity to as many people as possible. I put the kits together with that in mind ...don't worry if you can't draw to save your life!

I do my best to source as many materials from the UK as possible and I am also working towards making materials and packaging more eco friendly.


I have started running in person craft workshops from home. I have also been asked to run workshops for other organisations, as part of their fundraising activites, something that I hadn't expected and for which I am grateful for the opportunity. A programme of workshops for Autumn and Winter 2022 will follow shortly.